mardi 17 mai 2011

Nouveaux albums en ce mardi 17 mai 2011

Nouveaux albums

Across Tundras - Sage (Neurot)
Alcest - Le Secret Re-Release (Prophecy)
Altar Of Plagues - Mammal (Profound Lore)
Anaal Nathrakh - Passion (Candlelight)
Arsonists Get All The Girls - Motherland (Century Media)
Backslider/Nimbus - Terrifix Split (Give Praise)
Black 'N Blue - Hell Yeah (Frontiers)
Chrome Division - 3rd Round Knockout (Nuclear Blast)
Deceased - Surreal Overdose (Shrieks From The Hearse)
Demonaz - March Of The Norse (Nuclear Blast)
Egypt Central - White Rabbit (ILG)
Endstille - Infektion 1813 (Season Of Mist)
Finnr's Cane - Wanderlust (Prophecy)
A Forest Of Stars - Opportunistic Thieves Of Spring (Prophecy)
Hell - Human Remains (Nuclear Blast)
Infestus - Exist (Debemur Morti)
Krallice - Diotima (Profound Lore)
Nader Sadek - In The Flesh (Season Of Mist)
Necrophagia - Deathtrip 69 (Season Of Mist)
Rival Sons - Pressure and Time (Earache)
Scar Symmetry - The Unseen Empire (Nuclear Blast)
A Storm Of Light - As The Valley of Death Becomes Us, Our Silver Memories Fade (Profound Lore)
Vampires Everywhere - Kiss The Sun Goodbye (Century Media)
Virgin Steele - Noble Savage Re-Release (SPV)
Warrant - Rockaholic (Frontiers)
Weekend Nachos - Worthless (Relapse)

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