jeudi 19 mai 2011

PRC Music signe Talamyus !

Bonne nouvelle !

PRC Music vient tout juste de signer Talamyus.

L'album sera bientôt disponible chez Profusion

Voici le communiqué original (Anglais)

The third TALAMYUS album entitled "Raven's call to Annihilation" will finally see the light of day through PRC Music. This new album showcases the band's best material to date, with a heavier musical direction and a slight change in the vocals delivery...
TALAMYUS will announce soon a new video and touring plans as well as a few high visibility local gigs including a cool evening with the band for the "Raven's call to Annihilation" album launch.
"Raven's call to Annihilation" si slated for a late summer Canadian release via PRC / FAB.
Source - Alice P.B. | PRC MUSIC | Publicity & New Medias

 Sebastien Tremblay

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