mardi 28 juin 2011

Nouveaux albums en date du 28/06/11

Nouveau albums en date du 28 juin 2011

The Android Meme - Ordo AB Chao (Magna Carta)
Bohren and der Club of Gore - Beileid (Ipecac)
Burn Halo - Up From The Ashes (Rawkhead)
Degradead - A World Destroyer (Metalville)
Evan Brewer (The Faceless) - Alone (Sumerian)
Faces Of Bayon - Heart Of The Fire (Ragnarok)
The Francesco Artusato Project - Chaos and The Primordial (Sumerian)
Fullforce - One (SPV)
Futur Skullz -Futur Skullz (Kemado)
Isis - Live III: 12.17.04 (Ipecac)
Misguided Aggression - Flood The Common Ground (Year Of The Sun)
Moon - Caduceus Chalice (Moribund)
Mortualia - Mortualia (Moribund)
Queensryche - Dedicated To Chaos (Roadrunner)
Riverside - Memories In My Head (The Lasers Edge)
Seven Witches - Call Upon The Wicked (FrostBytes)
Shraphead - Blind & Seduced (Metalville)

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