jeudi 28 juillet 2011

Monument Of Metal: The Very Best Of Anvil

En septembre prochain, Anvil fera paraite chez The end Records une compilation.

01. Metal On Metal (re-recorded from "This Is Thirteen",2009/origi. from "Metal On Metal", 1982)
02. Winged Assassins (re-recorded, originally from "Forged In Fire", 1983)
03. 666 (from "This Is Thirteen", 2009)
04. Thumbhang (from "This Is Thirteen", 2009)
05. School Love (re-recorded, originally from "Hard 'N' Heavy", 1981)
06. Heat Sink (from "Metal On Metal", 1982)
07. March Of The Crabs (instrumental) (from "Metal On Metal", 1982)
08. Plenty Of Power (from "Plenty Of Power", 2001)
09. Mothra (from "Metal On Metal", 1982)
10. Sins Of The Flesh (from "Worth The Weight", 1992)
11. Jackhammer (live) (from "Past And Present; Live In Concert", 1989)
12. Juggernaut Of Justice (from "Juggernaut Of Justice", 2011)
13. No One To Follow (from "Absolutely No Alternative", 1997)
14. Mad Dog (from "Strength Of Steel", 1997)
15. Bottom Feeder (from "Back To Basics", 2004)
16. Race Against Time (from "Still Going Strong", 2002)
17. American Refugee (from "This Is Thirteen", 2007)
18. Fire In The Night (from "Pound For Pound", 1988)
19. Park That Truck (from "Speed of Sound", 1999)

Cette compilation aura pour titre. "Monument Of Metal: The Very Best Of Anvil". Ce disque est le bien venu après leur dernier album, "Juggernaut of justice" que j'ai chroniqué ici.

Sebastien Tremblay

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