vendredi 30 mars 2012

Sabaton se sépare !

Le groupe Sabaton vient d'annoncer sa séparation.

Cela peut être lu sur le site officiel du groupe ainsi que sur leur page faceboook.

Le communiqué officiel

"Starting a band at the age of 18 is simple, keeping it intact for 12 years is much harder, and finally we have come to the crossroad where we will go separate ways.

Pär Sundström and Joakim Brodén will continue to battle on stage, carrying the banner of Sabaton to further victories.

We will always have an eternal bond to each other, created by more than 12 years of friendship & touring, and wish each other long and prosperous lives with families, various projects and musical careers.

In the end, all six of us will end up in our own glorious future…

Triste jour pour leur fan...

Sebastien Tremblay

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