mardi 24 avril 2012

Nouv. albums 24 mars 2012

Bonjour Lecteurs de Musique d'une Nation.

Voici les sorties d'album de cette semaine; les recommandations sont en orange.

7 Horns 7 Eyes - Throes Of Absolution (Century Media)
16 - Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds (Relapse)
Adalia - Broken Families (Rite Of Passage)
Anathema - Weather Systems (The End)
Bereft - Leichenhaus (The End)
Bermuda - The Wandering (Mediaskare)
Brendan Small's Galaktikon - Galaktikon (Williams Street)
Cancer Bats - Dead Set On Living (Metal Blade)
Crazy Lixx - Riot Avenue (Frontiers)
Cripple Bastards - Senza Impronte (Relapse)
Crystal Viper - Crimen Excepta (AFM)
Deadborn - Mayhem Maniac Machine (Apostasy)
Exotic Animal Petting Zoo - Tree of Tongues (Mediaskare)
Fair Warning - Best And More (SPV)
Horisont - Second Assault (Rise Above)
Hydrogyn - Private Sessions (Rapid Fire)
In Mourning - The Weight Of Oceans (Spinefarm)
Kissin' Dynamite - Money, Sex & Power (AFM)
Liberty N' Justice - Hell Is Coming To Breakfast (Roxx)
Lionheart - Undisputed (Mediaskare)
Mares Of Thrace - The Pilgrimage (Sonic Unyon)
Paradise Lost - Tragic Idol (Century Media)
Pigeon Toe - The First Perception (Lifeforce)
Prong - Carved Into Stone (Long Branch)
Running Wild - Shadowmaker (SPV)
Skyharbor - Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos (Basick)
Stonehaven - Concerning Old-Strife And Man Banes (HPGD)
Struck By Lightning - True Predation (Translation Loss)
Teramaze - Anhedonia (Nightmare)
Tombstones - Year Of The Burial (Soulseller)
Torche - Harmonicraft (Volcom)
Trixter - New Audio Machine (Frontiers)
Tyketto - Dig In Deep (Frontiers)
Unleashed - Odalheim (Nuclear Blast)
Vesperian Sorrow - Stormwinds of Ages (The Path Less Traveled)
Wolfbrigade - Damned (Southern Lord)
Woods Of Ypres - Woods 5: Grey Skies and Electric Light (Earache)

Running Wild - Shadowmaker

Merci de visiter Musique d'une Nation.

Sebastien Tremblay

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