mardi 21 mai 2013

Nouv. albums 21 mai 2013

Les nouveaux albums qui sortent aujourd'hui sont:

Acherontas - Amenti (World Terror Committee)
Airbourne - Black Dog Barking (Roadrunner)
Burning Rain - Epic Obsession (Frontiers)
Circle - Six Day Run (Ektro)
Decaying - The Last Days Of War (Hellthrasher)
Death Of An Era - The Great Commonwealth EP (Artery)
Erlen Meyer - Erlen Meyer (Shelsmusic)
Extrema - The Seed Of Foolishness (Scarlet)
Fact - Burundanga (Good Fight)
For The Broken - Aurora (Imminence)
Gaytheist - Hold Me...But Not So Tight (Good To Die)
Hebosagil - Lähtö (Ektro)
Masteroid - MMXIII (Inverse)
NK - Nothing To Be Gained Here (Triple Crown)
A Pale Horse Named Death - Lay My Soul To Waste (SPV)
Palisades - Outcasts (Rise)
The Poodles - Tour De Force (Frontiers)
PTSD - A Sense Of Decay (My Kingdom)
Ruindom - In The Eyes Of Death (Inverse)
Saffire - From Ashes To Fire (Inner Wound)
Satan - Life Sentence (Listenable)
Svart Crown - Profane (Listenable)
Timo Tolkki's Avalon - The Land Of New Hope (Frontiers)
U.D.O. - Steelhammer (AFM)


Zed - Desperation Blues (I And I)

Sachez que mes préférences sont en bleu. Merci de visiter Musique d'une Nation

Sebastien Tremblay

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