lundi 8 juillet 2013

Nouv. albums 9 juillet 2013

Bonjour Lecteurs de Musique d'une Nation.

Voici les albums qui sortent mardi le 9 juillet. Comme toujours; mes préférences sont en bleues.

Abstracter - Tomb Of Feathers (The Path Less Traveled)
Bangladeafy - The Briefcase (Nefarious)
Battlecross - War Of Will (Metal Blade)
Besieged - Victims Beyond All Help Re-Release (Unspeakable Axe)
Butcher Babies - Goliath (Century Media)
Centuries - Taedium Vitae (Southern Lord)
Coffins - The Fleshland (Relapse)
Corsair - Alpha Centauri EP Re-Release (Shadow Kingdom)
Dying Spirit - Uncomfortable Silences (Mulligore)
Earthen Grave - Earthen Grave (Ripple)

Erimha - Reign Through Immortality (Victory)
Final Trigger - Skrap Metal Vol. II (Boonsdale)
Girl On Fire - Not Broken (Century Media)
Goatess - Goatess (Svart)
Grime - Deteriorate (Mordgrimm)
Gris - À l'Âme Enflammée, l'Äme Constellée... (Sepulchral)
Humiliation - Turbulence From The Deep (Deepsend)
I Killed Everyone - Necrospire (Pavement)
In League With Lions - Exposure (Harbor)
Isis - Celestial Re-Release (Ipecac)

king kobra

King Kobra - II (Frontiers)
Letlive - The Blackest Beautiful (Epitaph)
Like Moths To Flames - An Eye For An Eye (Rise)
Lonewolf - The Fourth And Final Horseman (Napalm)
Lord Dying - Summon The Faithless (Relapse)
Lycus - Tempest (20 Buck Spin)
Majalis - Cathodic Black (Pulverised)
Monsters Scare You - Die A Legend (Century Media)
My Heart To Fear - Algorithm (Solid State)
Pest - The Crowning Horror (Agonia)
Shroud Eater - Dead Ends (The Path Less Traveled)
Sirenia - Perils Of The Deep Blue (Nuclear Blast)
Sombres Forêts - La Mort du Soleilb(Sepulchral)

Speaking The King's - Here To Stay EP (Nuclear Blast)
Spheron - Ecstasy Of God (Apostasy)
Unkind - Pelon Juuret (Relapse)
Venomous Maximus - Beg Upon The Light (Napalm)
Whitesnake - Made In Britain: The World Record (Frontiers)
Wilson - Full Blast F--kery (Easy Killer)

Witch Cross - Axe To Grind (Hells Headbangers)
Womb Of The Desert Sun - Where Moths Eat and Worms Destroy and Invocation: Our Dying Days EPs (The Path Less Traveled)

Au passage; notez la sortie du nouvel album de la formation québécoise "Erimha".

Erimha - Condemned To Desolation

Merci de suivre Musique d'une Nation.

Sebastien Tremblay

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