samedi 7 mai 2016

Nouveaux albums 6 mai 2016

Voici les noueaux albums qui sont sortie vendredi le 6 mai;

Alaric - End Of Mirrors (Neurot)
Ashcloud - Children Of The Chainsaw (Xtreem)
Broken Teeth - At Peace Amongst Chaos (Nuclear Blast)
Cadaveric Fumes - Dimensions Obscure EP (Blood Harvest)
Cardiac - Sangrar Hasta Logrario (Tenacity)
The Closed Circle - Love, Shine & Die (Inverse)
Coffin Dust - Gore Ensemble (Unholy Anarchy)
Dead Register - Fiber (AVR)
Degtras - Hominidae Resonance (Wood and Stone)
Enoid - Exile Aux Confins Des Tourments (Black Plague)
Fear Of Domination - Atlas (Inverse)
Glorior Belli - Sundown (The Flock That Welcomes) (Agonia)
Gottweist - Future Is In Our Hands (Collective Wave)
Grave Miasma - Endless Pilgrimage (Sepulchral Voice)
Hatespirit - Blood & Poetry (Altare)
The Hypothesis - Origin (Inverse)
Inferior - The Red Beast (Big Balls)
Khanus - Rites Of Fire (I, Voidhanger)
Killing For Company - House Of Hades (Via Nocturna)
Kratos - Arlechino (Inverse)
The Levitation Hex - Cohesion (High Roller)
Lucifericon - Brimstone Altar EP (Blood Harvest)
Marauder - Bullethead (Pitch Black)
Merciless Death - Taken Beyond (High Roller)
Messa - Belfry (Aural)
Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock - On A Mission: Live In Madrid DVD/CD (MVD)
Musket Hawk - Desolate (Unholy Anarchy)
Mystic Prophecy - War Brigade (Massacre)
Near - Own Sun (De Tenebrarum Principio)
Nocturnal Hollow - Deathless and Fleshless (Underground Movement)
Okkultokrati - Snake Reigns/Night Jerks Re-Release (Southern Lord)

Ordem Satanica - Ventos de Odio (Altare)
Pensevor - Kiothod (Hibernacula)
Pertubator - The Uncanny Valley (Blood)
Polar - No Cure, No Saviour (Prosthetic)
Power From Hell - Sadismo Re-Release (Hells Headbangers)
Prisoner Of War - Rot EP (Iron Bonehead)
Qrixkuor - Three Devils Dance (Invictus)
Rebaelliun - The Hell's Decrees (Hammerheart)
Rhin - Passenger (Grimoire)
Scream Blue Murder - Hollow Stories (Stay Sick)
Shotgun - Live Down Decadencia Drive (Cargo)
Sinnery - A Feast Of Fools (Pitch Black)
Slaughter To Prevail - Chapters Of Misery EP (Sumerian)
So Hideous - Laurestine (Orchestral Version) (Prosthetic)
Sxuperion - Cosmic Void (Bloody Mountain)
Tendagruta - Ensalmo Do Sargaco (Dissociated)
Vandallus - On The High Side (High Roller)
Vektor - Terminal Redux (Earache)
Vesuvius - My Place Of Solace And Rest (Tragic Hero)
Victor Love - Technomancy (Metropolis)
Wicked Maraya - Lifetime In Hell (Massacre)


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