lundi 16 mai 2016

Nouveaux Albums paruent le 13 mai 2016

Arise In Chaos - Terminal Cognition (EMP)
Avatar - Feathers & Flesh (eOne)
Blaak Heat - Shifting Mirrors (Tee Pee)
Black Space Riders - Beyond Refugeeum EP (Cargo)
Blakk Old Blood - Greed (Clavis Secretorvm)
Bright Curse - Before The Shore (HeviSike)
Coffin Lust - Manifestation Of Inner Darkness (Hells Headbangers)
Dance Gavin Dance - Tree City Sessions (Rise)
Destruction - Under Attack (Nuclear Blast)
DevilDriver - Trust No One (Napalm)
Eleanora - Allure (Consouling Sounds)
Electric Citizen - Higher Time (RidingEasy)
Ethereal Riffian - I Am Deathless EP (Robustfellow)
Eversin - Flagellum Dei EP (Club Inferno)
Gorguts - Pleiades' Dust EP (Season Of Mist)
Grand Magus - Sword Songs (Nuclear Blast)
Gridfailure - Ensuring The Bloodline Ends (The Compound)
Hatebreed - The Concrete Confessional (Nuclear Blast)
Helhorse - Helhorse (Spinefarm)
Hells - Paradise EP (Seeing Red)
I Am Noah - The Verdict (Bastardized)
Imperium - Titanomachy (Ultimate Massacre)
Kvelertak - Nattesferd (Roadrunner)
Lamori - To Die Once Again (Wormholedeath)
Ljosazabojstwa - Staražytnaje Licha (Hellthrasher)
Lost Boots - Come Cold, Come Wind (Svart)
Mother Feather - Mother Feather (Metal Blade)
Nominon - Chaos In The Flesh...Live!(Morbid Skull)
Nothing - Tired Of Tomorrow (Relapse)
Peekaboo Primate - Misanthropical (Inverse)
Phantom 5 - Phantom 5 (Frontiers)
Phobocosm - Bringer Of Drought (Dark Descent)
Pierce The Veil - Misadventures (Fearless)
Rainbow - Boston 1981 (Purple Pyramid)


Replicant - Worthless Desires EP (PRC)
Savage Master - With Whips And Chains (High Roller)
Somerset - King Of The Lapiths (Wooaaargh)
Spotlights - Tidals (Crowquill)
Subliminal Fear - Escape From Leviathan (Inverse)
Sunstorm - Edge Of Tomorrow (Frontiers)
Swollen Organs - Feelings About Gender Guilt Over Time (Annihilvs)
Sylvaine - Earthbound (Season Of Mist)
Ted Poley - Beyond The Fade (Frontiers)
Thor - Keep The Dogs Away Re-Release (Deadline)
Tides From Nebula - Safehaven (Long Branch)
Toseland - Cradle The Rage (Metalville)
Twenty Second Dimension - Twenty Second Dimension (Pavement)
Vega - Who We Are (Frontiers)
Vetten Aparat - Syntyi Talven Kyynelistä (Inverse)

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